After finding the encouragement he needed to transform his personal health, It's Time Texas Founder Baker Harrell set out on a journey to empower others with the resources and support to make healthy change.   

As a servant, volunteer, and champion in the movement for a healthier Texas, Baker has worked to break down barriers and make healthy lifestyles accessible to all Texans. With the help of dedicated supporters like you, we’re honoring Baker’s legacy to ensure that the movement he started will continue to grow and make an impact where it’s needed most.  

Because you believe in a Texas where everyone has the opportunity to lead a healthy life, join us by making a $13 gift in honor of Baker Harrell's legacy of empowering Texans to lead healthier lives and build healthier communities.   

Your gift of $13 enables It's Time Texas to continue to nurture Baker's vision and empower more Texans to create big, bold, positive change – for themselves, for their families, and for their communities. Because when Texans are empowered, nothing can stand in our way! 

Consider making your gift recurring to sustain and expand opportunities for It's Time Texas to enrich the lives of Texans by connecting and uniting around health.

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Your encouragement is priceless. Write a message of support and encouragement to Baker. Your message will be placed in a gift box for Baker to keep as a part of his continued journey.




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